IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium
6–10 May 2024 // Seoul, South Korea


Welcome to the 2024 IEEE Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS 2024). NOMS 2024 will be held during May 6-10, 2024 in Seoul, Korea. The last time NOMS was held in Korea was NOMS 2004 and it will be held again in Seoul, Korea after 20 years.

NOMS 2024 will host an exciting program including keynotes, panels, technical sessions, demo sessions, dissertation session, mini-conference sessions, poster sessions, tutorials, and workshops. These events provide rich opportunities for participants to learn, share, exchange, and set the current and future directions and developments of network operations and management. The theme of NOMS 2024 is “Towards intelligent, reliable, and sustainable network and service management”

Technologies evolve at a fast pace in networking and related areas. 5G networks are being deployed around the world and 6G network technological components are being researched and developed. Backbone networks and optical networks are also being enhanced in order to support various mobile/wireless networks, Internet of things (IoT) as well as various applications including metaverse, AR/VR/MR, smart cities, autonomous vehicles and healthcare.

We plan to organize another exciting program of NOMS in Seoul, Korea and would like to cordially invite researchers, developers, vendors, service providers and policy makers to submit their work to NOMS 2024.


History of NOMS/IM - Dates & Locations

NOMS 2023    May 8-12, Miami, USA            

NOMS 2022    April 25-29, Budapest, Hungary

IM 2021         17-21 May, Bordeaux, France

NOMS 2020    20-24 April, Budapest, Hungary

IM 2019         8-12 April, Washington DC, USA

NOMS 2018    23-27 April, Taipei, Taiwan    

IM 2017         8-12 May, Lisbon, Portugal 

NOMS 2016    25-29 April, Istanbul, Turkey

IM 2015         11-15 May, Ottawa, Canada

NOMS 2014    5-9 May, Krakow, Poland       

IM 2013         27-31 May, Ghent, Belgium

NOMS 2012    16-20 April, Maui, Hawaii USA

IM 2011          23-27 May, Dublin, Ireland    

NOMS 2010    19-23 April, Osaka, Japan     

IM 2009         1-5 June, Long Island, NY, USA

NOMS 2008    7–11 April, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

IM 2007         21-25 May, Munich, Germany

NOMS 2006    3-7 April, Vancouver, Canada

IM 2005         15-19 May, Nice France

NOMS 2004    19-23 April, Seoul, Korea

IM 2003         24-28 March, Colorado Spring, USA

NOMS 2002    15-19 April, Florence, Italy

IM 2001         14-18 May, Seattle, USA

NOMS 2000    10-14 April, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

IM 1999         24-28 May, Boston, USA

NOMS 1998    15-20 Feb., New Orleans, LA, USA

IM 1997         12-16 May, San Diego, USA

NOMS 1996    15-19 April, Kyoto, Japan

ISINM 1995     1-5 May, Santa Barbara, USA

NOMS 1994    14-17 February, Orlando, FL, USA

ISINM 1993     18-24 April, San Francisco, USA

NOMS 1992    14-17 February, Memphis, TN, USA

ISINM 1991     13-17 May, Seattle, Washington, USA

NOMS 1990    11-14 February, San Diego, USA

ISINM 1989     22-26 May, Boston, USA

NOMS 1988    28 Feb.-2 Mar., New Orleans, USA